Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm putting up some pictures and whatnot on another blog. And here's the address:

A dreary day along the border of some far off country a woman sells eggs and razors to a large Sumo wrestler.

I noticed on a box of spray adhesive today: Addison, Illinois 60101. I wonder what it's like there. Where is it? Is the production of Spray Adhesive the main export from this spot on the map? Is it big enough to have a spot on th map? It's not so interesting to think that i will probably never see Addison, Illinois or millions of other places around the globe. I've trapped myself in my own little world by making attachments with friends, family, my job, school, getting myself caught up in the idea that life has a specific road that must be traveled in order to live a successful and happy life. I just finished reading On the Road by Jack Keroac, and by reading I of course mean that i was listening to it as I've recently discovered the convenience of audiobooks. On the Road gave me an itch for traveling, though I'll never do what Paradise did, and made me realize how much there is to see in this world. I suppose, in a way, I've seen a lot of this world through stories. That's one reason I like books and movies and the like. I mean just in the past 2 months I've visited Paris, watched the running of the bulls in Spain, taken multiple trips across the U.S. then down into Mexico. I've tramped through the middle east and visited worlds that exist only in the minds of readers who care to see Cairhien, Andor, Tar Valon, Illian, and everywhere in between. And this is only from the literature side of things. Were I to include the movies I've seen lately the list would be far longer.
Thus I've concluded that I'm content to visit these places without the complications and discomforts that come with traveling the world, but instead from the comfort of a couch and my mind.