Sunday, August 9, 2009

Matchbook Numbers

How do babies think? Obviously they don't think in terms of language. Life must suck for a baby. I've written about this before but I still find it interesting. Infants experience some extreme things and have no way of working it out in their minds and no historical knowledge to base these experiences on. No wonder they cry so much! They have no other options. One of my best friends, who's a bit of a musical genius, addressed this subject when he wrote a song years ago making references to a child teething, implying the confusion and strangeness of the experience from the perspective of the child who has no idea what is happening to their mouth. His band's name is Code Hero, check them out.
Anyway, Michelle suggested the possibility that they just experience pure emotion and don't really have firm cognitive thoughts. Perhaps. I think they probably do think, but I really don't know. I can't possibly go further without making this religious. I believe we were alive before life on Earth and I believe we will live after our physical bodies die. And I believe we were intelligent enough before this life to use and understand language, so maybe babies think in that language but lack the ability, and knowledge of how to use their new muscles and body, to create speech.
When I started writing this I didn't plan on leading it to this area, but here we are. I just don't know what goes on inside the minds of children. I don't remember. But I bloody well wish I could.

Monday, August 3, 2009

No one will read this.

Henry was vegging out at work the other day I he thought to myself, "Maybe it should be: Live everyday as if its your first. Then you'll be in awe of everything and want to experience more and more." To which I told him, "Henry, I think you're onto something! You're the best brain I've ever had."
I would love to say that I'll try to make this my new motto, my new paradigm, that I'll try to live everyday in wonder of its beauties and try to experience new things and appreciate all that I've already experienced, but I think we all know that I won't.