Friday, March 12, 2010

My Professor hates my title.

In no way do I mean to offend anyone who smokes, but I have always hated the smell of cigarettes. To me, smoking is a habit I've never understood. It offers no actual benefits (people claim it gives you a buzz at first, but only a minimal one), instead offering only destruction to senses, appearance, and health. Smoking cigarettes turns fingernails and teeth yellow, deadens the senses of smell and taste, destroys the lungs and throat, and makes the smoker smell terrible.
That having been said, there are certain movies/actors that make smoking look like the coolest freaking thing to ever have been done by humans. Good Night, and Good Luck is the perfect example. Or Rebel Without a Cause, Fight Club, Stay, Rushmore (or any other Wes Anderson Movie)... I think you get the idea. Anyway, just sayin'. Not that I'm going to take it up, but I would be closer to looking cool if I did, right?


Kathryn said...

Matt and I had this conversation the other day. He is continually perplexed by how many med students he goes to school with smoke. And what he hates even worse than the smell of cigarettes is the smell of cologne trying to hide the smell of cigarettes.

1382 said...

Ha! Agreed. I hate that. It morphs into a nasty hybrid smell.

It's said...

You'd be that much closer to looking cool or trashy. Everytime I see someone smoking I can't help but think of their nails and breath. gross